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    AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission

    AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission (stylized AIKa R-16:VIRGIN MISSION) is a three-episode anime OVA series, developed as a prequel to the Agent Aika OVA series and released on the tenth anniversary of the series. It takes place ten years before Agent Aika and follows the story of Aika's first mission when she is 16 years old. The series was followed by a three-episode OVA sequel called Aika Zero where she is 19 years old. They were acquired by Bandai Entertainment who dubbed the first series in English and licensed the second series with English subtitles.[1]


    High school student Aika Sumeragi, with her sharp mind and athletic body, has passed the C-class Salvager test and gotten a C-class Salvager license. Despite being sixteen years old now, she is still being treated as a child by Gozo Aida. Having finally gotten a license, Aika started putting up posters offering her Salvager services. At that time her classmate and president of the Treasure Hunting Club, Eri Shinkai, posted a request for her. Aika gladly undertook Eri's request and boarded Eri's private cruiser. Onboard she learned about the mysterious girl called Karen who is the reason for the request. That night Aika was assaulted by high school girls and Karen was almost captured. What secrets does Karen hold?


    Aika's scientist parents did experiments on her when she was younger to enhance the human body. But during the experiment a large scale earthquake occurred; every one except Aika died. At that time she was rescued by Salvager Aido Gozo. Gozo takes it upon himself to bring up Aika. In the future she helps Gozo in his business, but now she is a newbie C-class Salvager still in training. She is always late for school. Her behavior is somehow similar to Aida Rion, Gozo's daughter and her future "sidekick". She likes machines.
    She is the class president of Aika's class (1-A) and founder, club president of the school's Treasure Hunting Club. Eri is also a mystery fanatic and comes from a very wealthy family. Knowing that Aika has a Class C license, she roped Aika in to help with the investigation of Karen's mystery.
    Usually silent and seldom shows any facial expression, she talks only when necessary. On Eri's investigation, Karen's past history is unknown. Karen has a butterfly insignia on her left breast. The insignia on magnification is made up of minute numbers which decodes to the sentence "the gate of the truth will be opened by the sleeping butterfly" and a map coordinate, which is where the group is heading to.
    A teacher of the school Aika attends. Also the teacher adviser of Treasure Hunting Club. She turned out to be an enemy, having controlled three of the students with electronic devices to attack Aika and Eri and also tried to take Karen away. Her true identity is an agent from a mysterious organization sent to observe Karen.
    A Salvager that rescued Aika during the earthquake incident, brought her up and trained her in the ways of the Salvager.
    Although he is from a rich family, he works as a waiter on an Eri's private cruiser. A future Salvager and Aika admirer.
    The captain of the cruiser "Regina Eri", the cruiser that the cast is on. He is to ensure that Eri returns safely. An excellent sniper with the Tranquilliser gun.
    The three students controlled by Risako. Members of the treasure hunting club.

    Episode list[edit]

    No. Title Originally aired on
    1 "Secret Game" April 25, 2007[2]
    2 "Peach Peach Beach" July 27, 2007[2]
    3 "Deep Blue Girl" October 26, 2007[2]

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