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    The year is 2036 A.D.

    20 years ago there was a global catastrophe which plunged ten percent of the Earth’s surface to the bottom of the sea. The effects of the disaster were felt the greatest in Japan, which saw the entire Kanto Plain vanish from the face of the Earth.

    An unnatural material, utterly alien to Earth’s environment, was transplanted deep into the Earth’s surface 4.5 Billion Years ago when a Mars-sized proto-planet collided with the Earth.This material, which has come to be known as “Lagu,” had laid dormant until the global catastrophe.

    However, the true causes of the global catastrophe and the fact that the discovery of Lagu led directly to the disaster have been covered up and hidden from the world. As such, very few people know the truth.

    In the wake of the disaster, a new industry of private companies came into existence across the globe fiercely competing to recover relics of the Old World. The professionals who dive into the abyss to recover important artifacts long lost to history and the deep are known as, “Salvagers.”

    -Introduction, AIKa Perfect Files A (1998)

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